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Best Sushi Rice Brands – Best Japanese Rice Cooker 2020

best sushi rice brands

When it comes to sushi, especially nigiri or sushi rolls, rice perhaps the most important ingredient. In order to fully enjoy your favorite dishes, you have to choose the best sushi rice brands out there. However, doing so is not an easy task. There is a wide range of rice selections on today’s market and understanding which rice is best for sushi can be quite a challenging feat.

Most sushi rice is known to be short-grained and takes on a dense and sticky, yet tender texture after it is cooked. If you want the blocks of sushi to keep their shape and to be easily picked up with chopsticks, you have to pay attention to the firmness of the rice. Thus, this article will provide you with all the information about the best sushi rice brands to make sweet and sticky sushi rice. Hopefully, by the end of this page, you will be able to answer the following question yourself: What is the best brand of Japanese rice?

Best Sushi Rice Brands

  1. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Sushi Rice
  2. Nishiki Medium Grain Rice
  3. Kokuho Rice Sushi
  4. PowerMedley Nishiki Premium Medium Grain Rice
  5. Sekka Extra Fancy Premium Grain Rice
  6. Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice
  7. RiceSelect Sushi Rice
  8. Annie Chun’s Cooked White Sticky Sushi Rice
  9. McCabe Organic White Short Grain Sushi Rice
  10. Koda Farms Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet Rice

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Brands of Sushi Rice

Product NameGradeBuy Now
Lundberg Family Farms Organic Sushi RiceA
Nishiki Medium Grain RiceA-
Kokuho Rice SushiB+
PowerMedley Nishiki Premium Medium Grain RiceA-
Sekka Extra Fancy Premium Grain RiceA
Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain RiceA
RiceSelect Sushi RiceB+
Annie Chun’s Cooked White Sticky Sushi RiceA-
McCabe Organic White Short Grain Sushi RiceA-
Koda Farms Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet RiceA

Top 10 Best Sushi Rice Brands in 2020

#1 Lundberg Family Farms Organic Sushi Rice

Highlighted features

  • Classic Japanese short-grain rice specifically developed for sushi
  • Genuine organic food certified by USDA
  • While the product is not gluten-free, those with kosher and vegan diets can still have it
  • Non-GMO verified, guaranteed an even higher quality level

This organic California rice from the best sushi rice brands known as Lundberg Family Farm includes 6 packs of 16-ounce rice for sushi and other dishes. The rice is relatively low in calories and nutritious thanks to the dietary fiber. Do not let the California tag fool you; the rice still offers an authentic Japanese taste that will guarantee to bring your Japanese or Asian dishes to the next level.

A feature that helps this best sushi rice brands stands out from the rest is that it is USDA and non-GMO certified. Furthermore, the rice is kosher- and vegan-friendly, meaning most people can still enjoy it no matter what their dietary needs are. This best sushi rice brands is gluten-free (for those who are wondering) and can be prepared in many different ways.


  • Comes in a bag of 6 packs
  • California-made and fully organic
  • Low level of fat/cholesterol/sodium


  • May expire sometimes
  • Needs better insect prevention packaging

#2 Nishiki Medium Grain Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a bag of 5 pounds, suitable for making bulk portions of sushi and Asian dishes
  • Well-cultivated in Californian clear waters and fertile soil
  • Perfect for sushi thanks to its balanced flavor and fantastic stickiness
  • Known as the best sushi rice brands to many people

If you are looking for some medium-grain rice that is produced in the United States, the Nishiki Medium Grain Rice should be on your groceries list. The Nishiki comes in a 5-pound bag and guarantees an authentic Japanese taste and texture despite its less traditional origin.

Better yet, Nishiki sushi rice contains no salt, or cholesterol, nor fat. This fact certainly makes Nishiki the best sushi rice brands to have for a healthy diet. While it only contains 33 grams of carbohydrates, the Nishiki still offers plenty of dietary fiber. One big note if you are planning to get this particular brand: make sure that you have an airtight container to keep the bugs and other pests away from the rice.


  • Decently sized 5-pound bag
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Low level of fat/cholesterol/sodium
  • Contains 3 grams of iron


  • Medium grain is less desirable for sushi
  • Requires airtight container

#3 Kokuho Rice Sushi

Highlighted Features

  • Newest crop offers the highest level of grade and freshness
  • 15-minute preparation and cook time
  • Can either be purchased in a 5-pound bag or a package of five 5-pound bags
  • Believed to plumb up and become quite sticky during preparation

This best sushi rice brands Kokuho offers more selections for you to choose from: single 5-pound bag or 5 5-pound bags. It is of type medium-grain and is grown and milled in California for your authentic sushi needs. In addition, the newest crop is always guaranteed when you purchase this brand.

One of its other advantages is that it is extremely simple to prepare. The whole process, from the rice bag to meal-ready, only takes 15 minutes or less! While Kokuho is not a small-grain rice, it does plumb up pretty well and with the sticky nature, it is perfectly ideal for sushi. That is why it is listed in the best sushi rice brands of the year.


  • Suitable for any savory and sweet dish
  • Known as the best sushi rice brands for its excellent sticky rice
  • Can either be prepared on the stove or in a rice cooker
  • If you get the 5 5-pound bags option, you can last quite a while


  • Medium grain is less desirable for sushi
  • Not vegetarian nor organic certified

#4 PowerMedley Nishiki Premium Medium Grain Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Packed in a set of 2 bags along with 2 pairs of high-quality chopsticks
  • Home-grown in California as a Japanese medium-grain rice for sushi
  • Non-GMO certified for those who are health-minded
  • Nishiki is known around the world for being the best sushi rice brands

If you are in need of some new supply of sushi rice and perhaps a few pairs of chopsticks, the PowerMedley has got you covered. This best sushi rice brands offers 2 options: traditional version – contains a single bag of rice, and a gift set – contains 2 5-pound bags along with two pairs of high-quality chopsticks. Also, the rice is grown and harvested in California, US.

Despite being medium grain, this sushi rice still brings plenty of stickiness for your sushi dishes. Unfortunately, the bag it comes in is not suitable for long-term storage; you should probably have it transferred to a more proper container if you do not want bugs in your rice.


  • Two options to choose from: gift set or traditional
  • Made in United States
  • Sticky medium-grain rice


  • Requires an airtight container to prevent bugs
  • Medium grain is less desirable for sushi

#5 Sekka Extra Fancy Premium Grain Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Premium rice stored in a durable plastic bag with handle
  • Comes in a hefty 15-pound bag
  • Grown and milled in the Unites States
  • Offers an authentic Japanese taste

Different from the other best sushi rice brands on this list, the Sekka Extra Fancy Premium Grain Rice comes in a big 15-pound bag. While it is medium-grain, the rice is still sticky and will hold well together when put in sushi or other recipes.

Even with the durable plastic bag, you should swap the rice out into another airtight container as soon as you bring it home. This American-made best sushi rice brands can be made into many dishes, from sushi to even desserts. Not to mention that the rice can be ready in 20 minutes or less! These are reasons why you should consider buying this best sushi rice brands


  • Hefty 15-pound bag
  • One of the best sushi rice brands that is made in the US.
  • Low level of fat/cholesterol/sodium
  • Good source of protein and iron


  • Medium grain is less desirable for sushi
  • Requires airtight container as soon as possible

#6 Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Californian made with a wide selection of packages: 1, 2, or 4 bags of 4.4 pounds
  • Natural sushi rice that contains a good amount of protein while having low fat/cholesterol/sodium
  • Known as best sushi rice brands among high-class Japanese restaurants

Tamanishiki has been a well-established brand for years in the world of sushi and when you choose its products, you can expect the best quality of rice. The Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice is sticky and guarantees to hold any pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables together without falling apart. In addition, this best sushi rice brands offers several packaging options of 1, 2, or 4 bags.

Speaking of best sushi rice brands, what sets Tamanishiki apart from the others is how popular it is among high-class Japanese restaurants. The sushi rice is used in the best authentic restaurants out there and it has the potential to up our sushi-making game to the next level. And for those who like to support local brands, they will be happy to know that Tamanishiki also comes from California.


  • Traditional short grain sushi rice
  • Comes in packs of 1, 2, or 4
  • Californian all-natural rice


  • Not organic certified and contains GMO ingredients
  • Requires airtight container

#7  RiceSelect Sushi Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Soft and sticky texture while offering sweet flavor, suitable for both sushi and rice pudding
  • Environmentally friendly brand, rice comes in a recyclable, BPA-free jar
  • Kosher and gluten-free certified, no GMO ingredients
  • No preservatives and low in fat/cholesterol/sodium

The Sushi Rice from RiceSelect features a sweet flavor, suitable for not only sushi but also desserts like rice pudding. The sticky and soft texture rice promises to hold meat, fish, and vegetables together without any problems. As the best sushi rice brands, RiceSelect is very conscious of the environment, which is why its rice is stored in a recyclable, BPA-free container.

For those who are carefully selecting what they eat, this non-GMO sushi rice is the perfect choice. Sushi Rice is also kosher and gluten-free certified, and it meets various dietary requirements such as low level of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Therefore, it is considered the best sushi rice brands.


  • Already contained in an airtight jar
  • No additives
  • The best sushi rice brands is not only low in calories but also a good source of protein
  • Can be prepared in 20 minutes or less


  • The jar can be quite small to some people
  • If not cooked properly, the rice will not form well

#8 Annie Chun’s Cooked White Sticky Sushi Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Freshly cooked and ready to eat in 2 minutes
  • Offered in small servings that are microwavable
  • Best sushi rice brands for those who want quick and easy meals such as students, busy professionals, and campers
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, nor additives

From its name, you can probably tell what sets this rice apart from the others on this list. The Annie Chun’s Cooked White Sticky Sushi Rice is made for those who do not have the time to cook. Instead of the regular 15 – 20 minutes cooking procedure, you can pop one of the servings in the microwave, and it will be ready in 2 minutes. You also have the option to add some other ingredients to the dish or just have it as it is.

While this sushi rice may sound perfect for busy people, it might not be the best choice for families due to multiple uses of the microwave. The package comes with 6 bowls of servings, all of which are free from preservatives, additives, and artificial flavors. More reasons to add Annie Chun to your list of best sushi rice brands!


  • Single-bowl servings
  • 2-minute cook time
  • No preservatives, additives, and artificial flavors
  • Comes in a pack of 6


  • High carbs and calories intake
  • Not suitable to families or large groups

#9 McCabe Organic White Short Grain Sushi Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Organic short-grain sushi rice
  • Comes in a durable 3-pound pack
  • Grown and sun-dried in California, providing more minerals and vitamin D
  • Non-GMO product from the best sushi rice brands that focuses predominantly on whole grains and flour

While McCabe is known as the best rice brand for many types of rice, its Organic White Short Grain Sushi Rice is among the more popular ones. Thanks to the stickiness of the rice, this organic short grain is the best choice for making sushi and rice pudding. The best sushi rice brands comes in a durable 3-pound package to make sure that its rice will not break down during transport. Having said so, you should still transfer the rice to an airtight container once you open it in order to avoid moisture and bugs.

The McCabe Organic White Short Grain Sushi Rice is grown and dried under the sun of California which in turn, gives it more vitamin D and other important minerals compared to those that have been processed in machines. The best sushi rice brands is also inspected and certified by both OCIA and CCOF every year.


  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Small 3-pound package
  • Organic-certified by the USDA
  • Short grain rice ideal for making sushi


  • The rice is produced in the same facility that processes wheat, soy and other similar nuts.
  • Requires airtight containers

#10 Koda Farms Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet Rice

Highlighted Features

  • Founded in the 1940s, Koda Farms is one of the oldest best sushi rice brands in California and it has gained quite a lot of followers
  • Only the best rice is selected to go into Koda Farms, and thus the brand offers top-notch purity
  • Kosher certified and GMO-free, making it viable for most diets
  • Well-designed milling system that ensures the highest whole kernel percentage possible

This sweet rice from Koda Farms is made for dessert dishes like mochi and in some cases, it can also be used to make sushi. The classic small grain rice is processed in a specially designed milling system that ensure the highest whole kernel percentage. What even more fascinating about this best sushi rice brands is that it is a family owned business, founded back in 1948!

For those who are interested, this one of the best sushi rice brands is also kosher certified and GMO-free. In addition, it is low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium level but contains a variety of vitamins and other beneficial minerals such as iron, folic acid, and thiamin.


  • Kosher certified
  • GMO-free
  • Grown and produced on Californian soil
  • From a family-owned farm


  • Can be used to make sushi but only if you have no other choice; the rice is primarily used for mochi
  • Poor-quality packaging

Buying Guides of Best Sushi Rice Brands

Things to consider when purchasing sushi rice

While long grain rice is excellent in salads, side dishes, and many more, it does not have the required stickiness to make some authentic sushi. You need a type of rice that offers a high level of stickiness. And that leads us to short grain sushi rice. The rice from the best sushi rice brands will become very sticky once you start cooking it on the stove or better yet, in a best Japanese rice cooker.

Sushi rice gets sticky like that because of the presence of a starch called amylopectin. When cooked, the starch turns into a gelatin-like substance, making the sushi rice creamier and much more tender than other types of rice.

Although sushi rice originally comes from Japan and some other parts of northeast Asia, it can now be grown in certain regions of the United States. Some of the farms even provide the best sushi rice brands out there. The largest rice farms in the US are located in California but there are some in Arkansas as well, though you are more likely to find long grain rice in that area.

Even if people say they have never made sushi rice before, chances are most of them have had it at some point in their lives without knowing. As mentioned above, sushi rice is used in a variety of dishes, not just in sushi. From those Korean gimbap and bibimbap to the Japanese rice ball onigiri, you have probably tasted a bit of sushi rice.

What makes sushi rice unique?

Before answering this question, you need to understand the concept of rice in general. There are many forms of rice, long-grain, medium-grain, and short-grain. Each has their own texture. If you want to make sushi, the best choice would be short-grain rice as it is stickier than the others.

Now, you have to keep in mind that sushi is a Japanese dish. So, if you want the most authentic sushi experience, you should be aware of the types of Japanese rice. The followings types are most commonly known best sushi rice brands in Japan:

  • Mochigome – a glutinous sweet rice, often used for traditional wagashi sweets and mochi rice cakes.
  • Uruchimai – aka Japanese short-grain rice or Japanese rice. Most suitable for rice balls, sushi, and other savory dishes. Interestingly, this type of rice is also used to make vinegar and Japanese wine sake.

While both of these are short-grain rice and have the same sticky texture, they are not interchangeable. Mochigome is chewier, more glutinous, and stickier and Uruchimai.

In Western countries, people often refer to Japanese rice as sticky rice due to its stickier texture compared to regular white rice. However, this not entirely correct, and it is more of a casual way to describe rice that is sticker than usual.

In Asian countries, on the other hand, when people say sticky rice, they often mean the sweet type that you normally have as treats or desserts. So, remember that while Japanese rice has the same sticky texture as basmati and jasmine rice, they are not the same type of sticky rice.

When we mention sushi rice, we mean the Japanese rice that has been seasoned with vinegar-based ingredients and can only be used for making sushi. Many short-grain rice can be made into sushi rice but short-grain rice by itself cannot be considered sushi rice.


What are the health and nutrition facts about sushi rice?

Sushi is a food that has been enjoyed over generations for more than 2 millennia. Originated from Japan, this elegant dish combines sushi rice with small pieces of vegetables or fish. While the rice is important, the raw or cooked fish and vegetables also add more flavor to the dish in a unique way.

As mentioned before, sushi rice contains 2 types of starches: amylose and amylopectin. The latter, which typically takes up a higher amount, is the reason why sushi rice is stickier and bonds better than the other types of rice. Brown sushi rice has a light brown color and gets to retain the bran, whereas white sushi rice has got its bran removed.

According to the USDA nutrient database, short-grain white rice from the best sushi rice brands is more than 68% water when cooked. Consider 100 grams of this sushi rice, there are about 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 29 grams of carbohydrates, and 130 calories. On the other hand, in 100 grams of cooked brown rice, there are about 3 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 24 grams of carbohydrates, 112 calories and 72 grams of water.

There are positives and negatives when it comes to the impacts of sushi rice on your health. On the positive side, a sushi meal, made from the best sushi rice brands, generally has little to no fat and contains a low number of calories. If you have it without mayonnaise or frying, the number of calories will be even lower.

If you are more concern with your wellbeing, picking brown rice might be more beneficial as the bit of dietary fiber can help improve your digestive health. Sushi rice is often served with a tiny piece of sushi, which can make it easier to keep track of your eating portion.

On the negative side, sushi rice is known to have high carbs intake and it does not contain much protein. If you do eat a lot of sushi rice, you might exceed your carbs and calories limits before meeting your minimum daily protein needs.

When you choose to go with white sushi rice, which has a high amount of starch, you might end up being less healthy as opposed to picking a whole grain that has not been refined.

How to prepare sushi rice?

After your sushi rice is nice and ready, you need to add a few more ingredients to make it as authentic as possible. In this recipe, you will need to prepare the followings:

  • 2 2/3 cups of short-grain sushi rice from the best sushi rice brands
  • 2 ½ cups of water
  • 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 ½ teaspoons of salt
  1. First and foremost, you need to have the right type of rice. In most cases, short grain white rice is the one to go due to its sweetness and stickiness. If possible, do not choose the medium or long grain because those are not likely to stick and bind well together.
  2. Next, depending on how many people you are feeding and which recipe you are following, you need to measure the appropriate amount of rice accordingly. You should also consider if you will be cooking the rice on a stove or in a best Japanese rice cooker. For our recipe today, we will use 3 cups of rice to make a decent portion of sushi rice.
  3. Rinse off the rice by pouring massive amount of cold water to remove the dirt and starch particles. Just give it a few good swishes and then pour out as much water as possible.
  4. Move onto the cooking. Keep in mind the 1 to 1 ratio. 100 milliliters to 100 grams of rice. For best result, use the same cup that you use to scoop the rice to measure the right amount of water. Now, put both the water and the rice into a pot, close the lid and turn on high heat.
  5. Once the water boils, set the timer for 7 minutes. Do not worry about the rice getting stuck to the bottom of the pot as it will not be used in making sushi.
  6. After the timer runs out, turn to low heat, and let the pot simmer for another 15 minutes. Keep the lid on at all time.
  7. Let the rice cool down a bit if you want it to be less sticky during the seasoning process. Do be careful though because letting the rice sit for too long can make it dry out!
  8. Here comes the seasoning. This includes rice vinegar, sugar, and coarse salt. On average you want to use 100 milliliters of vinegar with 1 and a half teaspoons of salt along with 3 tablespoons of sugar. Note that different vinegars have different tastes, so you might want to do some tasting before and during seasoning. Place all the ingredients in a separate pot and turn on the heat, keep stirring until all are dissolved.
  9. Mix the seasoning with the rice in either a flat-bottomed, round barrel or a tub with a wooden paddle. Cooking sheet or baking pan can also be used to toss the mixture in a flipping and tossing motion. Try to move gently to avoid cooking the rice further.
  10. And now you are done! The rice is ready to eat. You can put it in the fridge for later use. Remember to reheat in a microwave or through gentle steaming.


While sushi rice is meant to make sushi as the name may imply, it can be used for far more than just sushi. The rice is different from your typical white and brown rice but at the same time, it is not the same as jasmine or basmati rice either.

Hopefully by now, you should be able to pick out the best sushi rice brands for yourself. Additionally, you should have a better idea about what to do with sushi rice and get inspired for some new recipes. All that is left now is to go get yourself some sushi rice, roll up your sleeves, and start cooking.

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